Friday, April 18, 2014

New design, new blog.

Hello everyone!

It's been almost a year since our last post.  A lot has been going on, Mom and I have still been crafting, but just have not had time to devote to updating the blog.  Hopefully since things are starting to calm down around here, we can get back to it.

Recently we got to attend a coloring retreat with Zoe (from Make it Crafty), Barbara (from Little Miss Muffet Stamps) and Christy (from Tiddly Inks).  Let me tell you, people.  These were some CRAZY talented people we got to hang out with.  Mom and I were a little more than star struck for the whole weekend.  We got some really good pointers, some awesome stamps, and made some really good friends, but more importantly, our creativity spark came back.  Honestly, I didn't know it had gone, until I saw some of these people's creativity and imagination and love of art, and I remembered that I had that too, once.  Well, it's back, and for my first challenge back in the blog-o-sphere, I went with the Make it Crafty "little house" challenge.

Here's my finished product:

Sorry the picture isn't awesome, we bought a house in November and I haven't unpacked my photo studio yet. :(

I used the digital version of Fairy Tree House from Make it Crafty and printed it on X-press It blending card and colored it with copic markers.  The colors I used are below:

I have SO enjoyed just MAKING the time to color and craft.  It helps that I have my own craft room now (pictures soon!).  

I hope you enjoy!


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